CMU Building Advantages

Concrete masonry framed structures are growing in popularity among home buyers. Many builders are realizing that masonry framed homes are an excellent way to build. It is easy and affordable to convert from wood framing to masonry framing and SCMA offers training, seminars and educational assistance to get you started.

Some advantages include an increase in your bottom line due to the fact that materials that make up concrete are more stable than lumber. This allows for greater planning and financial forecasting. When using concrete, builders can also benefit from LEED credits; as well as offering the homeowner a green and sustainable product.

Concrete is strong and has proved it can withstand major hurricanes, tornados, floods and rains with little-to-no structural damage.

Building Advantages: 
  • Flexibility in exterior cladding materials to design facades which allow for more interest and curb appeal
  • Homeowner will save money buying a CMU home due to material maintenance and repair savings
  • Not a food source for pests and mold
  • Noise insulation attitudes are an advantage around high traffic areas