About Us

The Southeast Concrete Masonry Association (SCMA) is the trade association representing the concrete masonry industry and concrete construction. SCMA is a non-profit, trade organization formed to promote the quality use of masonry materials and technical data as well as the economic advantages and many uses of concrete masonry units, designs and codes for residential and commercial concrete construction. SCMA is involved in a broad range of research items, technical, educational, marketing, government relations and industry communications activities.

This Association works hard to enhance the industry’s visibility and product knowledge as it relates to concrete construction with using block masonry applications for concrete commercial buildings, concrete masonry homes, paving, block retaining walls and special projects.

SCMA is an excellent source for architects, engineers, masons, builders, contractors,pavers and specifiers. We are also a resource for home owners interested in building or purchasing a concrete home. Our association thrives from its valued members so if you are involved in the concrete industry in any way, this is an organization you need to join. To gain access to industry resources, new recruits, upcoming projects, prospects and marketing toolsjoin SCMA today.